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How does it work?

Trios intra-oral scanner in action

It all starts here: an intra-oral scan with the Trios scanner.  It will show the dentist the teeth and soft tissue as a 3-D picture in very high detail.  The digital file will be used to virtually change the position of the teeth according to the treatment plan.

intra oral scanning for clear aligner planning

Virtual design- orthodontic treatment-clear aligners

Every single stage of the movement of teeth (in mm) is designed as a separate model. For example, if a treatment requires 14 stages until the desired position of the teeth are achieved, 14 models are designed. 
These 14 models can then be printed in a digital printer.  

Digital Printer - Clear Aligner production

3 D printed model

3-D  printed model. The models are printed in our laboratory on a formlabs printer. 
After processing (washing and curing) these are ready for the aligner production.  

clear aligners in box

Our aligners are made with “Zendura”, one of the best materials on the market today.

From the manufacturer:

Zendura is a high-performance material designed and engineered just for dental appliances. That means we optimized its strength, ductility, crack-resistance, colour and clarity to work better than other materials for your dental care.

We even made sure it resists hazing from alcohol or staining from mustard so that foods you enjoy won’t damage your aligner or retainer. What’s more, Zendura material is completely BPA and phthalate free!

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