Clear Aligners (Invisalign) or fixed Braces:
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We offer clear aligners and fixed braces to correct misaligned teeth.

Short term orthodontic treatments (6-months smile)? What does it mean?

With short term orthodontic treatments we refer to orthodontic corrections of mainly front teeth for cosmetic reasons.  While  “normal” orthodontic treatments can take years to finish, we aim to treat misaligned front teeth with 6- 12 months.  However, successful orthodontic treatment depends on proper planning and on the stability of the teeth after the movement. There are too many cases where a relapse after short term orthodontic treatment happens because these essential conditions have been “overlooked”.  The mouth is a very complex organ and we have to assess not only the teeth but also the muscles, the tongue function and position. We here at Atlantic Dental, take this very seriously and will always prioritize the patients best interest. Another very important part of the treatment is “retention”! After the treatment is finished the teeth have the tendency to return to their original position. In order to prevent this from happening the patient must have a fixed or removable retainer. Sometimes lifelong … 

Clear aligners (Invisalign) and fixed braces can be utilized to correct misaligned teeth. The selection of the appropriate appliances depends on the individual situation as well as the preference of the patient.  Patients will have an initial consultation to determine whether or not short-term orthodontic treatment is an option or other treatments are more appropriate. The next step is a detailed oral examination including an X-ray. Depending on the result of the assessment the patient will be seen by our Hygienist for a thorough clean (AirFlow).

If necessary, decay and other issues will be treated before we take an intra-oral Scan with our 3 Shape Trios scanner.  The  3 D scans will be analyzed: in most cases, a lack of space in the anterior area (front) results in mild to severe crowding. The required space to align your teeth can be calculated.  As a generalization, if the space required is less than 3mm the case is suitable for 

IPR.  The term “IPR” stands for Interproximal Reduction (Slicing). That means that minimal amounts of enamel will be removed (between 0.1 and 0.5mm per tooth/area) in order to achieve the desired space. IPR is a proven and safe method if carried out correctly. In our practice, we use very small hand instruments in ascending thickness from 0.1mm – 0.25 mm.

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Atlantic Dental explains how IPR works

Is IPR safe? Alternatives?

IPR is a safe method to correct mild crowding without altering the occlusion (=bite) or overexpanding the arch.  

Are all clear aligners they same?

No, they aren’t. The material of the aligner is very important! Invisalign uses SmartTrack and this is a superior material. Common thermoplastic materials are inferior to the Invisalign material!  Our aligners are made from ZENDURA A / ZENDURA FLX material. This material is very similar to Invisalign’s SmartTrak. 

Clear Aligners or fixed braces, what works better?

It depends… in our practice we do offer both. In cases of more severe crowding or rotated canines we usually prefer fixed clear braces on the outside of the teeth as this works quicker.

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